Saturday, June 3, 2017

My Favorite Things Haul

MFT Haul

I am in love with the My Favorite Things Stamps (MFT) images.  The artists that design these stamps and come up with the sentiments really amaze me!  This most recent purchase was inspired by one critter....a turtle!  Yes!  I love turtles, among other animals, it is one of my favorites.  So when I found out there was a new stamp set with an adorable turtle, I immediately had to log in and buy it!  This is the second order I have placed with MFT Stamps and I am again very impressed by their packaging, attention to detail, special offers and speedy deliver!  They give free shipping once you spend $75 on their site.  You also receive a free die if you spend $60 and there is additional discounts once you hit certain money markers.  If you spend $100 you receive 10% off your order, if you hit $250 you receive 15% off and at $500 you receive 20%.  Let me tell you, it is easy to hit those discount marks! They also send out an email once your package has shipped with a tracking number so you can check on your purchase as often as you like using that tracking number.

Everything came nicely packaged in the My Favorite Things Box and with this extra bonus...a mint!  :)  At least if my husband asks what I got I can give him this mint and maybe hide the box? hehe jk

These are the stamp sets I ordered, I will go into more detail below. :) Love their images!

Bought a few things like snips, dies, etc.  

This was the stamp set that inspired it all!  There is a little turtle in this set and I think he's adorable!  This stamp set is called "Mermazing," and I agree, these mermaids are amazing!  It has three mermaid images, a few seaweed images, two schools of fish, a larger fish, of course the turtle, some shells and a rock that the mermaid can sit on.  The sentiments include (I'm using capitals where they are used on the stamps, so please don't think I'm yelling at you!) "We're MERMAID for Each other," "You Are MERMAZING," and "I Need to SEA YOU SOON." I love this set and will be making some cards with it very soon! 

This set is Polynesian Paradise.  It also has a turtle in it, so of course I added it to my shopping cart!  This set has one hula girl, one chameleon, a part, a toucan, the turtle, a few flowers and some leaves.  The sentiments read "OUR FRIENDSHIP Keeps Me Walking on Sunshine," "Mahalo," "Warm Wishes & SUNNY SMILES," "HELLO, SUNSHINE," "Let's HULA, " "THANK YOU for Your Hospitality," "ALOHA," and "Sending Saltwater Kisses."

This next set I came across while filling my shopping cart and it has these wonderful little piggies!  This set is called Hog Heaven.  There are 6 pig images on this set.  One f them is the back of a pig and the face of the pig so you can definitely make some cards where the pig is peaking out a window or a planner clip.  I can't wait to experiment with this one!  There is also a wooden gate and a crate in this image set.  A few flowers, a flower pot and cupcake finish off this set of images.  The sentiments include "I'M IN GOT HEAVEN When You're Around," "It's your day," "HAM IT UP, on Your Birthday," "OINK," You HOG My Heart," "I'm TICKLED PINK of You," "Thank You SOW MUCH, " SQUEAL," "HELLO," and "Miss You PIG TIME." I love the clever sentiments that the designers for MFT have for their stamps sets!  

I am a sucker for all things Ninja! Being Japanese American I love seeing Asian inspired art!  This set reminds me of my three nephews who have recently taken up Karate.  My brother and I used to take Karate when we were young and I really enjoyed it!  This set has three ninjas, a pagoda, ninja stars and the Torii.  The sentiments are "FOR A NINJA-MAZING FRIEND," "I'M ON A SECRET MISSION TO STEAL YOUR HEART," "I'D FACE NINJAS FOR YOU," I SPY A GREAT FRIEND," "YOU'VE SNUCK RIGHT INTO MY HEART," "I'M OUR SECRET ADMIRER," AND "LET'S KICK IT SOON." 

On the left is the free die set I received with my purchase.  It has four banner dies in different lengths!  I love this because I can stamp some of these sentiments on paper and die cut them out with the banner dies!  This other set is called Mini Delicate Doilies.  It has four pieces in the package.  I loved how detailed they were and can't wait to try them out!  I can see using these behind wording or to add a little pop to a card! 

The package on the left is the slider foam adhesive pieces to make slider cards and I also ordered a pair of snips to cut apart my dies.  Since I've been purchasing so many dies lately, I decided it was good to have a nice pair of metal snips.  

This last item is toner sheets.  I don't have a laser printer at my house so I bought these to do some foiling!  I recently heard that Gina K has come out with some cute patterns and colors for foiling and I can't wait to get my hands on some.  I love that these sheets are already done and I can easily reach over, die cut an image and foil it quickly without any hassle.  

I look forward to playing with all of these products soon and of course will be posting my projects.  I'm sure I will be visiting this site again soon because there was a hot air balloon set that was out of stock and of course I need it too.  :)

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to have some creative projects up soon!  Have a wonderful day! Go get crafty!!! 

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