Thursday, March 24, 2016



I have always loved unicorns. I remember when I was young, I would wish on my birthday cake for a unicorn to appear in my backyard just once so I could pet it.  Well, that never happened but I still love them (and secretly wish for them!)

Today my friend received her order from A Cherry On Top and she had seen this stamp of a unicorn and thought of me! Of course I love it and I appreciate her thinking of me!
This is a clear stamp by Imaginisce.

Patience isn't one of my strong suits, so I was wriggling in my seat to try this stamp out.  I had to get pretty creative since I was at work and I don't normally have my crafting equipment with me.  Break time finally came around and I had to try this stamp out somehow! I tried using the bottom of a bottle but the cling didn't stick, I also tried a few other items instead of an acrylic block but none of them worked.  I finally found this travel brush that looks like a compact. I thought, well it's worth a try! Woohoo! It worked! I used a normal stamp pad that I use for my date stamper and stamped the image on my calendar and also on a post it.

So, on the right you can see my compact brush with the unicorn clear stamp on it and the stamped image on the post-it note. I love the way the lines are very fine and perfect, there was no smudging and you could clearly see the hair curled, eye lashes and unicorn horn.

Here was my finished product from my calendar. I colored it with very inexpensive scented gel pens that I bought in the Target dollar section (although I think they were more like $3.)  I have to say, I love these pens too! The tip of the pens are a little more broad then my other gel pens and the ink flows really nicely.  The sparkle is even as well when you put the color down on the paper.

I added a little eye shadow, a rainbow and some footsteps.  I hope you can see the sparkle of the glitter from the pens.  The stamp and the pens just made my day. Thank you my friend!

Happy crafting and I hope you have a magical day!  Thanks for stopping by!

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