Monday, May 29, 2017

Marvel Characters Cricut Mystery Box

Cricut Mystery Box

I just learned about this amazing monthly program through Cricut!  Each month they release a "Mystery Box" which is basically about 3 cartridges of images for around $30.  If you follow people on youtube like KensKreations or some others, they give you a discount code to use when ordering these Mystery Boxes as well as a sneak peek as to what's inside.  

I am a huge Super Hero fan!  All of these new movies that are coming out are so exciting to me!  I recently saw Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2!  It was full of laughs and tears!  Woohoo, the mystery box had the Guardians of the Galaxy included along with the Marvel Avengers!  I love them all!  I had to start with Thor though, he is one of my absolute favorites!  Who wouldn't want Chris Hemsworth saving you for all the evils in the world?  

On the left is Thor.  I was amazed at how many little pieces these characters had!  The nice thing about the Cricut is that it lays out each color on a different piece of cardstock for you and it even tells you what color you should use.  Like a good girl, I followed what Cricut recommended for colors.  Although I did add in sparkle paper for his hair and shinny paper for the silver, for the most part, I did stick to the preferred colors.  This character is actually two sided and you can make both sides at once.  I attached a piece of ribbon to him so I can hang him on my Christmas tree this year! Again, he is A LOT of pieces.  Each piece of silver from his helmet have to be glued down separately.  In hind sight, I think I would use paper with sticker backing before I cut everything out so that I could easily transfer the pieces to the black background piece easily.  You can also use transfer tape to move them if they already have adhesive on the back and this way you can place them exactly where they should go!  

The second character I created was Rocket.  He was my favorite from Guardians!  He is always thinking and trying to figure everything out.  He thinks ahead and is always prepared.  I had to make him!  Again, there were a lot of little pieces.  I lost one of the tiny brown pieces for his outfit and ended up having to cute on little tiny brown piece all over but it was worth it! I did think they could have made life a little easier by making his blaster one piece but it still turned out really cute.  

I did use some special tools for this project.  I used a fine point tip on my glue bottle, I also used an Exacto knife to move small pieces as well as my Quickpix stick.  

These characters are amazing and detailed.  I look forward to making a few more, especially Groot!  Just be prepared and have a lot of patience when attempting to make small versions of these. :) 

Happy Crafting and thanks for joining me today! 

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